TRAVEL: New York City



I was lucky enough to get to travel to New York late last year.  I booked the trip quite spontaneously, to be honest.  Knowing that I wanted to put most of my money towards shopping and great eats, I decided against staying in a hotel during my stay.  Instead, I opted for Air BnB.  Air BnB is a website where people rent out their rooms or entire apartments/homes to travellers for (usually) a significantly cheaper price than a hotel.

I stayed in a lovely apartment in Harlem, about 5 minutes from Central Park.  I was pleasantly surprised with how close it was to everything, and anything not accessible by walking, was easily accessed by the numerous subway entrances.



New York is a beautiful city.  Huge skyscrapers are balanced perfectly with lush, green parks.

IMG_2101 IMG_2083 IMG_2019 IMG_2017 IMG_2104 IMG_2174

My favourite part of the entire weekend was definitely the MET.  I am such a museum lover and I spent 5 1/2 hours completely mesmerized by everything.




I had the most incredible time in my short stay.  I ate a bunch of awesome food (street meat and NY pizza?  yes please!), and was fortunate enough to watch Wicked on Broadway.  I feel like I didn’t get to see everything though.  But seeing as it’s only about an hour away by plane, I’ll definitely be visiting more often!  Hopefully again this summer!

Have you ever been to NYC?  Tell me about your favourite place to go, if you have.  If you haven’t, what’s one place you’d love to visit this year?


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