Lisbon, day 3

On the 3rd day in Lisbon, I spent the majority of it in bed. No, not the exciting “I met a hot, European man and we stayed in bed all day, taking only breaks to rehydrate.” I’m talking, “I drank way too much cheap sangria the night before, had to take an uber (which was surprisingly only €3) back to the hostel at sunrise, and woke up with the 2nd worse hangover I’ve ever had in my life.” I’m 27, by the way.

Last night was quite fun though. I met a few really cool people.

When I finally mustered up the energy to shower and get dressed, it was 6pm. Ridiculous.

Alissa, Ashley, and I headed to get some dinner. We were starving and clearly in need of something other than alcohol in our stomachs. We went to a place off of a side street that served Portuguese food. I ordered prawns with rice, Alissa ordered grilled shrimp, and Ashley played it safe with Piri Piri chicken (good choice!). My meal was served to me in the pot it was cooked in. That may seem strange but I didn’t mind. The meal was more like a stew consistency. It was definitely not what I expected when I thought “rice and prawns.” Nevertheless, it was still tasty.

 Afterwards, I met up with a fellow Canadian, Katie, for a drink or two up on the rooftop patio bar called Park.

Located at Calcada do Combro, 58, you have to go through a parking garage (or car park for you Brits) in order to find the entrance. Blink and you might miss the door.

If you do manage to find it, the view it provides is spectacular.

It would probably be stunning at dusk. There were four of us, so we split a pitcher of sangria for €20. The pitcher served us each 3 champagne flutes full. I’d say that’s a bargain. The bartenders make the drinks fresh in front of you. Fresh fruit and mint leaves, muddled together and topped with sparkling white wine, and a few* splashes (*a lot) of rum and other various liquor.

What a perfect end to a lazy day.


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