Lisbon, day 4

I think last night was one of the funniest nights out I’ve had in quite some time.

Yesterday was my last full day/night in Lisbon, so I decided to check out Cascais, “The charm of the Atlantic coast.” Located about 30 mins away from Lisbon’s metro station “Cais da Sore,” it is a small, fishing town on the western coastline of Lisbon. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Blue skies, warm, ocean breeze, everything you could hope for. I walked around the town, checking out their shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

I was in the mood for pizza. I walked down a small side street and was greeted by a young man advertising an Italian restaurant. Perfect.

I ordered a magherita pizza with added pineapple (because, why not?). It was a perfectly cooked, thin crust pizza. The only thing I wish, was that it had more basil.

After spending a few hours in Cascais, I took the train back to the city centre.

Alyssa, Ashley and I all decided to check out a food market called Mercado da Ribiera. I ordered a burger with tomato, Gruyere cheese and mayo. It came with a generous amount of fries to dip the mayo in. It was so tasty and pretty cheap for only €6.95.

After dinner, we walked around the Bairo Alto district, where most of the nightlife is. We walked up and down different streets until we found an Irish pub that seemed lively enough.

We were there for about 20 minutes or so when some guy approached us and asked if we wanted to dance. We all laughed and said no. He spilled his drink on Ashley’s shoes. Not cool. He more than made up for it with free shots of tequila.

He proceeded to introduce us to his brother, Alex. Alex was getting married on the 18th and this was his bachelor party. He was with a group of his guy friends, about 20 of them.

We hung out with them for about 4 hours or so. In that time, we were approached by a cocaine dealer who said he’d sell us a gram for €60. No thank you. We lost the rest of the group, leaving us with a drunk groom to be. I couldn’t just leave him, as he had absolutely no clue where he was, where he was staying, nor did he have a phone. So my idea was to walk around until we found them. And we did.

We ended the night with more banter and McDonalds.

Lisbon, you’ve been a blast.



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