Barcelona day 1

I apologize for not updating while I was in Barcelona. I never really got any time to. The past week has been such a good one. In such a short amount of time, I’ve met some of the most incredible people. So much so, that I cried saying goodbye to one of them… And then cried a tiny bit on the train. And then cried on the plane. I’m going to try to rehash everything that happened.

So to start off, I missed my original flight from Lisbon to Barcelona. By 5 minutes exactly. I even left extra early from my hostel in order to make it to the airport. But as luck and fate would have it, a train was delayed and once I got to the airport, I had no idea where I was supposed to go. After asking 6 separate people and getting no concrete answer, I finally figured it out. I hauled ass to the other side of the airport. Sweating and running with luggage in tow, the woman tells me they closed the gate 5 minutes prior.

I pleaded for them to open it, obviously, but no such luck. Defeated, I headed back to my hostel only to find they had no beds available. Thankfully, they are generous people and let me crash on the couch in the main area while I waited for my new flight that I had to book… $200 later.
I arrived in Barcelona at 2pm on Sunday, September 6th. I headed to my hostel, Sant Jordi Gracia (the BEST hostel ever!). After getting to my room, I passed the hell out. For 5 hours. I got up, showered, got dressed and got some food. As I was eating in the common area, there were some people drinking sangria that the staff had made (Bruno!) and it was in a huge bucket. I helped myself. They were playing drinking games, which never lead to good things for me so I steered clear.

The first person to introduce themselves to me was Brooke. Eventually, I talked to all of them – Ava, Martin, Zasu, Juulia, and Brendan. The pub crawl started at 11:30. We went to this bar near the beach. I got a mojito. We all danced like crazy people and the boys played chicken.

While at the bar, I spotted a bearded man who was probably the most physically beautiful man I’ve ever seen. We made eye contact a few times but he never came over. When we were walking to the club, I told Brendan about Mr. Beautiful. He made it his MISSION to get us to meet. He was hell bent on it. We got to the club and almost immediately lose Brendan. Whoops. Martin and I went to look for him, but not before some dancing. Priorities.

Eventually we found Brendan. He literally pushed me into Mr. Beautiful, who we had learned was actually named Carlos and he was from Peru. After catching my footing, I introduced myself and told Carlos he was handsome. He was taken aback a bit, but we started dancing. And kissing. And dancing. And kissing more.

I left after a couple of songs and met up with Brendan. We headed to the beach and chilled for awhile. We got some beers on the beach and talked about nothing and everything? You know, drunk talk haha.
We walked home from the beach club and made it back to the hostel at around 5 in the morning, after 2 cab rides closer to the end… 1 cab ride being unsuccessful when the driver didn’t speak English.

Great first night.


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