Visit: Tobermory

If you’ve never been to Toronto before, a weekend trip probably wouldn’t begin to cover all of the things you could see and delicious food you could eat. If you have made your way to “The Six” (I hate that phrase by the way, and I regret using it just now), and want to see what else Ontario has to offer, or if you’re from Toronto and don’t have the time to go further than Ontario, here’s an idea for a weekend getaway.


Image courtesy of acrylicartist via flickr
Image courtesy of acrylicartist via flickr

Located at the Northern tip of the Bruce Penisula, Tobermory is a good 3hr45m drive from Toronto. Tobermory is quickly becoming a hot spot for weekend getaways and I can see why. Jam packed with scenic views, hiking trails and water sports, Tobermory has everything you need.

T H I NG S   T O    D O

Blue Heron Co. is your go-to company when looking to book a cruise in Tobermory. They offer an abundance of cruises, depending on what you want.

You can take one of the jet cruises to Flowerpot Island, an island full of hiking trails, a lighthouse and caves to explore. You can also camp on the island, but remember to register ahead of time if that’s something you’re interested in.

There are sunset cruises that depart every day from May-October. The price per adults is $35.40 CAD. The cruise is 2 hours in length and follows the North coast all the way to Cave Point.

If you’re fascinated by shipwrecks, you’re in luck! There are glass-bottom boats that will take you to the 2 best shipwrecks located in the area of Big Tub Harbour – The Sweepstakes and The City of Grand Rapids. The Sweepstakes was a sailboat that crashed into a rock and sank in 1885. The City of Grand Rapids was a double decker steamer that sank in 1907 after a fire broke out on board.

If you want to get even more up close and personal with those shipwrecks, among many others, you can take a diving trip with Divers Den. You can charter one of their boats for a half day, full day, or get some scuba instruction. Don’t worry if you’re not a diver, they also have 2hr and 4hr snorkelling trips. However, with the weather getting chillier, you may want to hold off on getting into any water,unless it’s via kayak or canoe. They’re easily rentable in Tobermory and while paddling through the clear Georgian Bay, you may spot some Blue Heron.

A trip to Tobermory wouldn’t be complete without a hike in Bruce Trail. It is 840 km long, with over 440 km of side trails. Wow! If you hiked for 8 hour a day, or approximately 30km per day… it would take you roughly 30 days to complete the trail end-to-end. WHAT?! That sounds insane, though I’m kind of intrigued to try it.

If you like the outdoors and are looking for a quick getaway from the city, check Tobermory out. I can guarantee you won’t be sorry!



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